MORGAN OPENING….and more…………

The Exhibition at the Morgan Conservatory

opened on Friday evening.


Cheers and many thanks to EVERYONE at The Morgan for a truly splendid job!

A special thanks to Prof. Maggie Denk-Leigh,

President of the Board of Directors, for her kind introduction.

It was fun to see everyone!!!

The show continues till June 4th!


One question that was repeatedly posed to me that evening was:

How did you find this place? / How did they find you?

Well, you see, it was a coincidence.

A whole series of them! 

(and we know that there are none!).



Posted below is a statement written for this exhibition.

It will provide the answer to the above question.

Perhaps it would be better titled “How we got here”




WOODCUTS & DRAWINGS: Works on paper and their process

– some thoughts………


In my mid teens, while a junior in High School, the powers that be decided to offer an art class! At long last we said. Finally!

Well, a makeshift art room was quickly put together and a teacher assigned. On the appointed day and time there we were, the art kids, excitedly sitting at the “repurposed” cafeteria tables in the Art Room waiting. In comes our instructor carrying a bunch of wooden boards under one arm and a roll of paper carefully in his other free hand. We were puzzled to say the least. Some art class we mumbled and grumbled under our breath to one another. Looks like he’s here to teach shop! Well to make a long story short, the fellow did woodcuts and brought in some of his blocks to show us. The roll in his hand? The roll was beautiful handmade paper from Japan!  – That was it! I was hooked!!

At the end of the school day I raced home, disappeared down into the basement to my fathers’ work bench found an old board in the corner, grabbed one of my mothers’ craft tools and struggling, quickly carved a crude face on the board. Viola, my first woodcut! (I found out later that the tool was actually a leather working tool, hence the struggle!). But the teacher said that you have to ink it and print it, I remembered. Back upstairs I went. Running through the house I “borrowed” stuff – my fathers’ fountain pen ink disappeared, typewriter paper and then a plate from the kitchen to put the ink in. Back down the steps I flew to the calls of what are you doing echoing behind me. Nothing, nothing I yelled over my shoulder – my standard answer at the time. Oh, we need a roller to apply the ink! This old paint roller will do. In a few messy minutes – my first print emerged. Neat! The experience – not the environment that is!

After High School, at 17, I had the good fortune to be accepted as a student at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, for their four year program. I was young! Really young!! Early on in the term Dan Miller my life painting instructor saw me sheepishly floating around with my woodcut boards.

(By then I had figured out this tool and printing thing a bit more.)  One day Mr. Miller quietly took me aside asking if he could see what I do. He admitted that he too did woodcuts! After that I began to take all of my work to Dan Miller for critiques. He in turn introduced me to more beautiful papers with exotic names:  Hosho, Mulberry, Sekishu, Okiwara etc

 I quickly found that I could work on my boards anytime anywhere – not being burdened by the acid baths of the etching studio or the heavy stones of the lithography one. I realized that everything has to be carved in reverse, in the mirror image of how it will appear in the print and learned to visualize and think in that fashion.  Carving soon became, and still remains, a very contemplative and therapeutic process for me. The slow subtraction of wood – watching the image emerge and then – the print. Wow!

Eventually one thing led to another and I took to drawing on this beautiful paper that I had been printing on. It seems that in a very simple way, I had found my natural inclination in life, in art.

One day, about three years back, a colleague at Virginia Marti College, Jan Dragalla suggested that I go to The Morgan.  – What’s The Morgan? – You’ll see!     I called Tom Balbo, came, saw & my head exploded. Right under my nose, here it is: paper, presses, type and more. I was a kid in a candy store (still am!).  Tom mentioned having a show here………    And so, here we are today!


Firstly to my parents – for helping me get started on my journey!

To Tom Balbo, Executive Director; Mason Milani, Gallery Coordinator and EVERYONE at The Morgan Conservatory for the opportunity to hang out here with them on Fridays and to share some work in the form of this exhibit.

To Dan Miller, professor, mentor, friend; and Cristina McCarthy, colleague, friend – for their kind written words posted in this show.

In the end, MEGA thanks to my wife Lydia for all her ideas, suggestions, support, encouragement and most of all patience, not only with this exhibit but, with the continuing journey of life in general!  

Indeed, you are all the best!

With gratitude,

Andrij Maday

4 Responses to “MORGAN OPENING….and more…………”

  1. Mary Hargrave says:

    Hi Andrij,

    It was an awesome show, so glad I went. Now I just can’t decide which I like the most, the amazing animal drawings or the prints from the woodcuts!

    Thanks for sharing your art.

  2. Annetta says:

    Looks like a fabulous exhibit in a fabulous space. Wish I could see it live!
    All the best!

  3. Cristina McCarthy says:

    Beautiful exhibit and superb work! It is my pleasure to support your efforts and to be a huge fan of your work!

  4. Christine says:

    Congrats! Looks like a great exhibit.

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