SUMMER OF ICONS (and more….)

This past weekend my wife and I had the opportunity to see the brilliant violin virtuoso VASYL POPADIUK  perform here in Cleveland.



(Amazing, mind blowing skill!!!)




While out, we ran into some friends, who asked where I’ve been hiding?


I know, I’ve  been rather quiet lately, but very busy working on various commissions.

It seems to work better for me that way.

But, in any case, I suppose that it’s time to come up for some air and share what I have been up to!

Things seem to always come in waves or cycles in my life. If this past winter was the winter of Paintings, and spring was all about Woodcuts (with The Morgan Conservatory Exhibition and all) then this definitely has to be the summer of Icons! 

A number of interesting Icon commissions have come my way, which will be posted as completed. This along with prep for the next painting exhibition this fall has kept me busy and out of trouble. Oh, and then there’s teaching!



A couple of weeks ago, I was approached with the request to come speak about Icons at a summer camp in Wellington Ohio. On the appointed day off we went armed with slides, various pieces in progress ( show and tell!) and a large, just completed Icon carefully wrapped in a moving blanket.  

At the camp we were met by about 30 smiling children and sweltering heat!

The kids and their councilors took their places and I began the presentation “Anatomy of an Icon” – a step by step slide show on how an Icon is made.

Directly in front of me sat a row of the most well mannered and attentive little boys. While I was speaking, the boy on the end of the row would get up about every five minutes or so, run to my side and wildly wave his hands around in the air. He would then quickly sit down and listen attentively. Finally after three or four of these flailing episodes I paused, leaned down and taking him by the shoulders asked: “Lad, what is it that you are doing???”. “Chasing the flies off you!!” he replied most seriously and matter of factly! It was all that I could do to contain my laughter. This little eight year old took it upon himself to be my official fly chaser. I thanked him and mentioned that I seem to have that effect on flies, and continued my presentation.

The talk was followed by many terrific questions.

After lunch (out of loyalty and gratitude I sat with Alexander the fly chaser) we packed up and set out for the return trip home.



In the week that followed, a crate was built and lined with foam. With the help of my nephew Zack, I packed the large Icon that was taken to the camp for show and tell. It was shipped off  to a private collection in Seattle, Washington. 




the Icon was executed in acrylic and 22k gold on wood.

(30×36″ )


Here are some progress shots as well as the finished piece:

Work in progress.






and another….


The finished piece!


The client has called to say that the Icon arrived safely, that he was happy with it and that it was happy in its new home joining the other pieces previously done for him.



And now,

back to work……..


More to come.






4 Responses to “SUMMER OF ICONS (and more….)”

  1. Daria Sopka says:

    Please let me know when you will have a collection of your completed icons that will be for sale. I am interested in an icon I’ve only seen once (Fr. John Chirovsky) displayed at Pokrova. It was an icon of the BVM crying tears of joy over a repentant sinner.
    I also enjoyed your camp story. I’m sure that both the audience and the presenter benefited tremendously. On behalf of the children, I thank you.
    Daria Sopka

    • Andrij Maday says:

      Thank you for your kind words Daria!

      Due to the time and labor intensity involved, my Icons (with a few exceptions) are all made to order.
      If you have something specific in mind please let me know and we will try to accommodate it. I have not heard of the piece that you mention… But can find out (or at least try to)!

      We have started printed limited edition Giclees of some Icons. More will be added as they become available.
      To view go to:

  2. Jan Dregalla says:

    Good to hear from you and that all is well and busy.

  3. Leah says:

    So nice you were able to talk about icons to a group of young people! I often hear icons referred to as ‘pictures’ or ‘church pictures.’ This chat gave a group of young people some important insight on the wonderful world of icons 🙂

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