It was Friday morning, midsummer.

It was my day to teach at the college and I was running late!

Really late!!


As I hurriedly backed out of the garage down the driveway I did a quick pat down of self. You know, do I have everything: wallet, house keys, handkerchief, comb, mobile, business card holder, planner, notebook (you never know when you may need to write something down) and pen. Oh man, no pen! Forgot the pen. Got to have the pen! Taking attendance, notes etc. Need the pen!


Back up the drive I went – into the house – up to the office for the pen. The phone is ringing off the hook! For some reason I stopped and answered.

It was a client, which I assumed was calling for an update on the project that I was doing for him.


ME: I’m late can I call you this evening.

HE: Would you be interested in being the keynote speaker at our Bar Association Convention Banquet in October.

ME: Oh…

HE: It’s in Mexico!

ME: OH!!!

HE: Think about it…. Call me this evening?


Out the door I went….Up the highway to school… Visions of Mexico dancing in my head.


And so,

on October 18th we departed for Mexico……..


The 2013 UABA Convention was held at the Azul Sensatori Hotel in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. A beautiful complex of suites and winding swimming pools.

Present were attorneys and judges from numerous countries. United States, Canada, England and Ukraine to name a few.


As always, my life is full of surprises, of coincidences. This whole trip was no exception!

Our first evening there, my wife and I went to the cocktail party held on the beach. Shortly after arriving a blast from the past happened. I ran into a childhood friend, now an attorney in Boston. We had grown up in the same neighborhood in Philadelphia and played together as kids. Now after not seeing one another for over 40 + years, there we were standing together on a beach in Mexico!



The banquet was held on Saturday evening. Tables were set up outdoors around a large courtyard, a jumbo screen and podium at one end. We sat surrounded by palm trees, enjoying our delicious meal.



(Photo by Myroslaw Smorodsky, Esq.)


My talk entitled “ART: A LIFE’S JOURNEY” was given toward the end of the dinner. 

The remarks were accompanied by a slide presentation produced and designed by Anna Meyer, which showcased a sampling of more recent Woodcuts, Drawings, Icons and Paintings.

A short Q&A session followed.


After the banquet and on the days that followed, we had the opportunity mingle and speak with many fascinating people from various corners of the world, and to answer some questions in a more casual and informal setting.


Many thanks to the UABA for the invitation to speak and for the opportunity to share some of my work.

It was truly a unique and fun experience!



Coming up next:

Mexican watercolors and Iguanas!

Stay tuned!


15 Responses to “MEXICO, ATTORNEYS, JUDGES & AN ARTIST (What a mix!!)”

  1. dzvinya says:

    AMAZING ……… WOW……. WOW ………


  2. Kateryna Yushchenko says:

    I am certain that your address added creativity, colour and imagination to the legal event. What a wonderful mix of work and pleasure for you.

  3. Linda says:

    Sounds stupendous!

  4. MAB says:

    Very interested in seeing your Mexican watercolors. Loved the sights when we visited Mexico. Congratulations on being the keynote speaker!

  5. Nina Messina says:

    You lucky dog… what a fabulous opportunity. I bet Anna did a fabulous job on your slides!!

  6. Bob Wynne says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

  7. Cristina McCarthy says:

    Love the story … I would have liked to hear the presentation.

  8. dzvinya says:

    YES ……. I am also very interested in seeing your new creations …… watercolors of Mexico.

  9. Andre Marti says:

    Sounds like an awesome experience.
    So much for the Starving Artist Theory.

  10. Maria A. Morales says:

    How very wonderful that you had a taste of a wonderful country and culture! We love Mexico! A country that has much beauty and history and its people are beautiful, friendly. And very giving.
    Hope you enjoyed it….
    Do keep us posted.

    • Walter Lupan says:

      Hi Andrij,
      It was truly great to see you in Mexico after so many years and enjoyed the recollections that we both shared. I hope that there will be another opportunity to get together. Please call me if you are ever in the Boston area. Please give my regards to your lovely wife.

  11. Leah says:

    So happy you were able to spend some time in Mexico! Not only are you sought after, but you and Lydia certainly needed some relaxation. Congratulations!

  12. Jan Dregalla says:

    Just took time to read this. Fantastic. I loved working in Mexico. Look forward to your Mexico art. Glad you were provided such an opportunity.

  13. Jan Dregalla says:

    What a wonderful opportunity…so glad for you.

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